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RA IRIDA-Service has advertising boards in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Dolinsk, Korsakov, as well as in the Chemalsky district of Altai Repablic | RA |

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On the market of outdoor  advertising the Company RA IRIDA-Service since 1992.

In ancient mythology, IRIDA was the goddess of the rainbow and a harbinger of positive changes. Combining sky and earth with the rainbow, she became a mediator between the gods and people. 
Reflecting the public tastes and customs, advertising returns people their dreams and preferences too.
It’s just the myth, but actually, Irida was Hera's servant and informed her on Zeus's adventures.
Trademark of RA "IRIDA-Service" is registered in the State register of trademarks and service marks of the Russian Federation on 29 March 1996.

On Sakhalin, "IRIDA" was Incarnated on May 25, 1992 as an advertising agency (RA) in the form of a limited partnership...
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The company was born in the new state with new hopes for the bright future of capitalism and democracy, in which there will prosper honest private business and all kinds of civil liberties.
This date - Birthday of advertizing branch of the Sakhalin region. Next year information about the company already was in the first Russian industrial «Reference book of media directories and advertizing agencies of Russia, the CIS and the Baltic, 1993-1994».
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During the period from 1992 to 1994, «IRIDA» provided to businessmen full range of services on advance of goods, works and services on the Sakhalin market, using, practically, all channels of dissemination of commercial information existing at that time. Besides, the agency has successfully engaged in polygraphy, graphic design and corporate symbolics.
In September of 1994 the company was reorganized into a private Advertising Agency "Irida-Service". In November of 1996, there was created the GWK MUE | Urban Visual Communications
By this time the company worked as the agency of a full cycle, providing to the Sakhalin advertisers full range of services from development of the trademark prior to complex advertizing activities and separate campaigns.
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In 1997 there was established CJSC «IRIDA-Service». In 1999, the individual private enterprise was transformed into a limited liability company Advertising Agency "IRIDA-Service".
Active development of outdoor advertisement branch on Sakhalin Island has begun in 2001. The number of advertizing mediums in Yuzhno Sakhalinsk has increased from tens to hundreds. Also the number of the enterprises, that provides services in this sphere, has considerably grown. Increased competition stimulated business activity and development of the company.
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By 2008 the advertising company RA «IRIDA-Service» has reached a leading position in the market. By this time the agency offered a full complex of services in the field of planning, development, production and placing of outdoor advertizing. Developing together with the market our company constantly experimented, introducing perspective advertizing technologies in the sphere of visual communications.
Throughout all the activity the RA «IRIDA-Service» company actively cooperated with Administration of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, creating graphic image of the city, developing design of festive information and social advertizing, gratuitously placing this information on the video screen and boards. The RA company lived out in the sketch a flag of the city of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, by 120th anniversary of the city has created the sign «Honourable Citizen», a commemorative medal, a badge and all souvenir products. From 2006 to 2008 «IRIDA-Service» made out a facade of City Administration of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk by New Year's holidays, and in 2008 has developed design and participated in producing of "The city honor roll".
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In 2014 the advertising company RA «IRIDA-Service» has become the winner of the nomination «Elite of National Economy 2014» which is carried out by the Russian fund of assistance to business development (the certificate of FSRP No. 2410). In 2015 RA «IRIDA-Service» was added to the register of International business of club (International Business Club, IBC). The Register of business-partner – the catalog of the organizations and individual entrepreneurs which have become winners of awards and competitions, established by Club or its partners at different times. On 5 June 2015 the non-profit organization, which unites representatives of small and medium Russian business, independent experts and experts of the GR sphere, has awarded the head of the company «IRIDA-Service» with the Badge of Honour «Russian Patriot».
Now our company works as an outdoor advertising agency, traditionally engaged in graphic design and development of corporate symbols.
For us, outdoor advertising is a combination of time, place and the original advertisement. The principles of our work are flexible pricing policy, operational and quality services, individual approach and long-term relationships.


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